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  a你知道四川嘛 You know Sichuan [translate]

  aBased on final comments from team members, the team communication meeting matrix is attached FYI. 基于最后的评论从队员,队通信会议矩阵是附上FYI。 [translate]

  a那么,我们应当如何去学好英语呢? That, how should we learn English? [translate]

  a我只能最后通知你 I only can finally tell you [translate]

  aalthough he is very old he works 固然他是十分老他十分艰辛任务 [translate]

  ahog dog is one of the most popular American foods 肉猪狗是个中一最遍及的美国食品 [translate]

  aNeed your efforts 需求您的尽力 [translate]

  a有效 Useful [translate]

  amajor ingeedients 主要ingeedients [translate]

  a田鸡跳 The frog jumps [translate]

  a大年夜明山位于南宁市武鸣县西南部约38千米 The Ming Dynasty mountain is located northeast the Nanning Wuming County approximately 38 kilometers [translate]

  a--- Yes. It’s MrWang268@163.com. --- 是。 它是MrWang268@163.com。 [translate]

  aProducing a promotional video takes months of work and costs thousands of dollars. However, Jeff considers the time and money may be worth it if the result is a first-class promotional tool that can be used for travel expos, promotional evenings and storefront displays. Jeff wants you to prepare a brief storyboard that 招致促进录影需求几个月任务而且破费数以万计美元。 然则,杰夫思考时间,而且金钱或许值得它,假设结果是可认为游览商展、促进早晨和店面显示应用的一个头号促进对象。 杰夫要您准备概述5-10周详促进录影的视觉和音频元素的一简明的storyboard。 应用在类议论的二专栏格局: 视觉刻画在左和音频局部在左边。 [translate]

  a那固然拉,我穿的可是名牌哦,很贵的 That pulls certainly, but I put on the name brand oh, very expensive [translate]

  aA group of swan 一个小组天鹅 [translate]

  a不胖就不心爱了 Is not fat is unlovable [translate]

  ahaha..ok..you have a good lunch too haha。.ok。.you也是吃好午餐 [translate]

  athere is a dinosaur show in the museum, 有恐龙展现在博物馆, [translate]

  a请回收我对你的爱 Please receive me to your love [translate]

  a他基本没想到要打德律风给我 他基本没想到要打德律风给我 [translate]

  aOther kitchen equipment including rolling cutting machine, band saw machine,dough maker, bread baker, dough divider, rotary slicer, vacuum packing machine,can opener, rolling mixer and etc. 其他厨房装备包罗辗压切割机、带锯机械、揉面机、面包面包师、面团分切器、转台式切片机、真空打包机、开罐头用具、辗压搅拌器和等。 [translate]


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